RBCY Wednesday 10/14/20

This week we are continuing our series "Squad Up" where we focus on community and what it is that God desires the people of God to look like. 

1. Think about a time a friend influenced you, for good or bad. Tell us about it.

2. What are some situations where we might need God's armor? Are you in any of those situations right now?

3. Read Ephesians 6:18-20. What are some specific things we can pray for each other? Do you have anything you'd like us to pray for?

10/25/20 Sunday School

October 25th we will continue our study in the book of Ephesians (2:1-10). We will be working through the series by J.D. Greer on Right Now Media. Here's some of the things we will be challenging your students with to apply this Scripture:

  • Prayer: Take some serious time to go through the truth of Ephesians 2 with God. If you’ve been trying to pay your own way— trying to be good enough for God—talk with Him about it. Trust in His goodness rather than your own. Thank Him for His grace. Commit yourself to be that masterpiece He created you to be.
  • Memorize: Ephesians 2:8–10 is an essential expression of the Christian faith. Learn it. 
  • Make Some Art: God is the Creator, and He made us to be creative, too. What kind of masterpiece could you create to reflect your relationship with God? It doesn’t have to be just art—even caring for God’s creation (how you mow the lawn and rake leave) or working with your resources (the way you do your homework or chores) reflects the creator-nature God gave to each of us. The possibilities to glorify Him are endless. 
  • Analyze: During English class, you’ve probably encountered and studied a great poem at some point. If you’re God’s divine creation, then maybe you can analyze yourself in the same way. What strengths has God given you? What resources? How have your past struggles prepared you to do good works in the future? How do you help others make the most of their abilities? 
  • Share the Truth: If you know someone who’s trying hard to earn God’s grace, what can you say—in a gentle, loving way—to present the truth of Ephesians 2 to him or her? 


Hey Parents, We are living in some very turbulent and uncertain times! Our goal as a church is to love and minister to your families in some unique and creative ways while being faithfully obedient to the wisdom and restrictions being put in place by our local, state, and national governments. 

As of right now, our plan is to remain outdoors as long as possible. Once weather start to get cooler we will have teaching time around the campfire. Once we do return to indoor (or if we need to on an upcoming week for weather related reasons) the plan is to follow the protocols of the schools and require masks. We will be taking temperatures at the door as well.

We know this is neither exciting nor ideal, but we as RBCY leadership want to make sure we are following the safety protocols that have been laid out before us. Thank you for your assistance in this!