1. What has been the most difficult change that the recent quarantine caused?
  2. Outside of the craziness of the last few weeks? What has been the most difficult change you've faced this year?
  3. How have you seen God provide for you in the past?
  4. Who has these recent changes affected more than others and how can we serve them?


Hey Parents, We are living in some very turbulent and uncertain times! Our goal as a church is to love and minister to your families in some unique and creative ways while being faithfully obedient to the wisdom and restrictions being put in place by our local, state, and national governments. 

Below is our tentative schedule for the coming weeks. As with everything in life right now, things are subject to change!

Tuesdays at 2:00 PM

  • We will host a weekly hangout zoom meeting where we get together/play games/hangout. To join go to www.bit.ly/RBCYzoom
  • Ideally, kids should use a computer for the zoom meeting and have a separate phone/tablet for some of the games if possible.


Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

  • I will be uploading a short 5-10 minute teaching each week. You can find the videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Encourage your kids to watch it and ask them some questions afterwards. I’ll do my best to post questions on the discussion guide page of our website (www.bit.ly/RBCYguide).


Sunday Mornings

  • Sunday sermons are uploaded to the church’s YouTube page each Saturday night. We hope you can enjoy these together as a family.


As for resources for you guys as parents, below are a few things that I've found. Feel free to check them out. Also, if you have ideas of how I can best serve you and your teens during this time, please feel free to reach out!

  • Anxiety is a major concern for many kids during this time. Parent Cue has some awesome resources on how to talk about anxiety with various age groups. Hopefully you can put these to good use.
  • During times of boredom and isolation pornography abuse sky rockets. This article has some wonderful tips and tools to help make your home digitally safe. If you would like help in setting up any of the devices or programs, I'd be happy to help.
  • A few churches in West Michigan (mainly around Hudsonville) have partnered together to Be The Church during this time. They are hosting daily encouraging services at noon and have lots of resources for families. Check out their website for some great resources.
  • We also have a Right Now Media account that you guys can use to study the Word together as a family during this time. Username is "jakob.lang@cornerstone.edu" and the password is "RBCY@221"

I am praying for you as parents a lot during this time. I know this is a difficult and trying time for all of us. Give yourselves grace! One of the biggest struggles I've observed with our kids is an overwhelming pressure to perform academically and athletically. While I know this is frustrating and discouraging to many of them (especially seniors who are missing out on final seasons, graduations, etc), but it is also an amazing time for our families to slow down and reconnect in ways that our normally overwhelming schedules do not allow. Praying you make the most of these difficult circumstances to pour into and disciple your kids!