RBCY Wednesday 1/20/21

We are finally back to meeting in person! We are starting a new series called "GOALS" based on the book of Nehemiah. This week we will look at how big difficulties can inspire God-sized goals. Here's some questions to discuss at home with your teens:

1. Did you have any goals or New Years Resolutions for 2021 before coming into tonight?

2. What was Nehemiah's goal and why was it so important to him?

3. What's one "you-sized" goal you want to accomplish? What difficulties have inspired that goal?

4. Do you have a "God-sized" goal you want to accomplish? What is it and what difficulties have inspired that goal?

5. How can I as your parent help you set or achieve a goal this week?

1/24/21 Sunday School

We are back to studying the book of Ephesians. This week focuses on Ephesians 5:8-21 and God's wake up call on our lives. Below are the specific points of application we will encourage the students to take:

  • Alert Prayer: Ask God to wake you up to the opportunities of each day. Then find a time during the day when you “walk and talk with God”—ten minutes of specifically tuning into His voice as you go through your normal activities.
  • Time Budget: How did you use your time last week? You had 168 hours—what did you do with them? Map it out, as best you remember. Then evaluate. How could you adjust your schedule to reflect your priorities? Set a new schedule/budget for this week. 
  • Coping Check: When you’re stressed, where do you turn? Can you begin to train yourself to seek the Lord’s strength in those times? For now, have Psalms 23, 42, and 103 at the ready, and then find other ways to connect with the Spirit in those critical moments. 
  • Praise: Find some creative, lavish way to thank God. Write a song. Do a dance. Make a video. Fill your heart with praise and then offer it, as the Spirit leads. 
  • Worship Together: Throw yourself fully into the church worship service. Prepare well. Participate enthusiastically. Review it afterward, perhaps talking with family or friends. 


Hey Parents, We are living in some very turbulent and uncertain times! Our goal as a church is to love and minister to your families in some unique and creative ways while being faithfully obedient to the wisdom and restrictions being put in place by our local, state, and national governments. 

As of right now, we are back to meeting indoors for youth group. We having seating spaced out 6 feet apart and will be requiring facemasks throughout the night. We will be taking temperatures at the door as well.

We know this is neither exciting nor ideal, but we as RBCY leadership want to make sure we are following the safety protocols that have been laid out before us. Thank you for your assistance in this!