Sunday School

The Book of Mark

**Note, this is the same content from last week. I forgot that Jessi was presenting during Sunday School. So the lesson that was planned for the 16th will actually be done the 23rd.**

This week (2/23) we continue our study with Mark chapters 7 and 8. We will be looking specifically at how Jesus saves us from our internal sinful desires and the external sinful influences of the world. We will also be looking at Jesus command to come and die and how the life of the church is to marked with serving, suffering, and death to self.

Discussion Questions:

1. Jesus listed some evils of the heart in Mark 7: 21-22. Which stuck out to you most and why?

2. What things do you feel like God is telling you over and over?

3. What is one way in which you can die you your self/the world in order to better reflect God and his ways?

Wednesday Night

February 19 - Loving our LGBTQ+ Neighbor

Tonight we wrap up our teaching on the topic of homosexuality. We will look at how we can best love and care for people wrestling with same-sex attraction both within and outside of the church. We will look at Jesus’ example of how he related to people who were labeled as socially unacceptable sinners and how he always fronted love and acceptance mainly by looking at the story of Zacchaeus. We will look at some practical steps that we can take to build loving relationships with same-sex attracted people and things we can do/avoid in order to make that path to love and acceptance smoother. We will then talk about how we can build on that relationship to share the gospel of Jesus.

**I will also be hitting on a couple questions that students submitted.

1. Is it okay to turn down services to gay couples (like the wedding cake incident).

2. If homosexuality is sin, why did God make me this way?

**If you would like to hear thoughts on what I'm going to say on these in particular or any of the content for the night feel free to call or set up a time to swing by the office.**

Discussion Questions

1. Do you have any friends that struggling with same-sex attraction? How does it affect your friendship?

2. Which of the tips Jake shared do you feel like you need to work on the most?

3. How can we as a family do better at sharing the love of Jesus to people different than us?

Verse For Prayer

Theme: Purity


    “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.” Psalm 119:9

The theme of purity is a fitting theme for prayer this month as we focus on God's sexual ethic. Pray that your student does not ask the question "how for is too far" but rather "what will honor God most?" Pray your student is in the Word, active in church, and surrounding themselves with wise friends who will help them to walk in fullness of life.

Small GRoup Sunday

For February, we are having our Superbowl party in place of our regular small group night. See main page for details.