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Sunday school from 9:30 - 10:30 AM, coffee fellowship time 10:30 - 11 AM, with our morning service at 11:00 AM with livestreaming of the service available on Facebook Live and on the RBC YouTube channel. 

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  • Christmas series  |  december 5 - 19  |  An Unexpected Christmas

    You might think it odd for Matthew to lead off his Gospel with what feels like a snoozer—a genealogy. But there is a reason he does, in this first chapter is everything you need to know about Christianity. 

    Join us this Sunday as we begin our journey in this series "An Unexpected Christmas".  

  • DANIEL SERIES to return

    Pastor Justin Rowland

    The book of Daniel is about how to stand out, how to thrive, in a very dark and hostile world. You see, unlike most of the other books in the Hebrew Bible, the books setting is not in Israel, but in the heart of an enemy, pagan Empire where God’s people have been taken captive. Throughout our study we’ll learn that the power to make a difference is found in the commitment to be different.