If you are looking for a place to WORSHIP, a place to FELLOWSHIP, or a place to SERVE, 

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Outdoor Worship Service | Sundays through August | 10:00 AM

NEW SERIES beginning August 16

Through this series called "WAITING" I would encourage us as believers to reject how society has conditioned us to view waiting—especially when it comes to knowing God.  Over the next several months we will be studying characters in the Bible who waited well and some that waited not so well.  Your time doesn’t have to become passive, purposeless, or tedious when God seems to be absent or moving slowly.  Instead, discover how waiting is actually integral to God’s plans of life and salvation.  When we gain this perspective, these seemingly dry times of waiting can be opportunities to strengthen our hope in God and see that He is always faithful.  

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If inclement weather causes our outdoor worship services to be canceled, 

we will post it here around 8:00 AM.

The message will still be recorded and available online.

SUnday Service Options

Our service is broadcast live via radio on Sundays in the parking lot at 89.1 FM.

Services are also recorded and available on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon FireStick,

and ROKU (on the #doNorth TV application. click HERE). 

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