It is our desire to continue providing several options for Sunday worship. 

We understand some people may not be ready to return to in-person worship, so you have the option to continue parking lot worship outside, or at home. 

Let’s stay positive and encourage one another whatever their decision may be.

The worship service is live streamed on Facebook.com/rockfordbaptist49341.

In the parking lot tune into 89.1 FM radio.

Services are also recorded and available on YouTube.



Pastor Justin Rowland


What a week! Our Easter Celebration was fantastic—“He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!” 

Now what? Did you go back to normal this week? Think about it. 

We just celebrated the greatest moment in history by the most significant person of all time

that provides salvation for all eternity for everyone who believes…and did we just go back to “normal?”

The disciples certainly didn’t go back to normal. There was no “going back to normal” after the Resurrection. There was “go and make disciples!” Everything changed in light of the Resurrection. 

They couldn’t possibly return to the lives they led before they witnessed the Resurrection. 

Everything was transformed by this new present reality. But do you and I commemorate the same event year after year only to go back to normal?

I am so excited to be starting a new series in the Gospel of Mark. The death of Christ for our sins is most important, for without it we can never be placed in a right relationship with God.

But the life of Christ is also important. Christ lived for 33 years for a reason. And that reason is to show us how to live. As we study the book of Mark, we want to see our Savior, we want to walk with Him, we want to become a disciple so that we might learn His ways. 

So come join us on this incredible journey through Mark, which emphasizes the actions of Jesus, 

His works, in providing an incredible example of His life for us.   

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Our Sunday worship service at 11:00 AM will continue to be broadcast on Facebook Live and on FM radio in the parking lot at 89.1 FM.

Services are also recorded and available on YouTube, Facebook, Amazon FireStick and ROKU (on the #doNorth TV application). 

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