Adult ministries



Sundays  |  9:30 - 10:30 AM

Open Class

 - The Life of Paul

  • meeting in the Media Center, led by Al Cornelius

Ladies Class

 - Jesus fulfills the feasts: Prophetic pictures of Leviticus 23

  • meeting in the Carlson Family Center, led by Jessi Rowland

Men's Class

  • meeting in the Office Conference Room, led by Dale Heminger & Pastor Justin

Life Groups

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend the Life Group Launch, here are a few of the bullet points:

  1. Life Groups will be all about Growing in our worship, walk and witness. We will be learning about how to pray deeper (worship) how to be a disciple (walk) and how to serve and share our faith (witness).
  2. Life groups will help us develop deeper community.
  3. Life Groups are more than a meeting twice a month...It’s doing LIFE together.
  4. Life groups will incorporate regular opportunities for outreach to our community.
  5. Life groups will be led by facilitators who will get ongoing training and encouragement to fill their roles with excellence.

If you are not part of a regular Life Group, and are interested in checking it out, please contact Tim, Quinn, director of Worship/Small Groups.



Watch for upcoming events.

  • Questions, contact Dale or Marlene Heminger, Brian or Valerie Poeder.

Current Men's Ministries


    Every Wednesday  |  9 AM to 12 PM

    • For all men interested in helping do small projects around the church.
  • Men's Bible Study

    2nd & 4th Tuesdays  |  7:00 PM

    • For all men.

    1st Saturday of every month  |  8:00 AM  |  New Beginnings Restaurant (5200 Northland Dr NE)

    • Men, this is your opportunity to join us for breakfast, fellowship, and prayer.
    • Order breakfast on your own and don’t forget to invite a friend.

Current women's ministries

Be watching for as more events/activities are added.

  • Events

    October 22

    – Apple Orchard Trip – time and place TBD

    November 11

    – Craft and Movie Night at RBC – Time TBD

    December 12

    – Women’s Christmas Party and Cookie Exchange at RBC – Time TBD

    • Mark your calendars and watch for more information
  • Bible study fellowship

    We are excited to again host the Bible Study Fellowship Bible Study for women, and it's absolutely FREE, but registration is required.  [ click HERE for the link]


    Meeting every Thursday beginning 9/15 | 9:10 AM at RBC.


    BSF believes that people discover their true purpose and identity by knowing God through His Word. That is why they offer free, in-depth Bible studies in community for people of all ages around the world.


    • Women today face a multitude of challenges, like struggles with insecurity, broken relationships, guilt, overwork or loneliness. Countless women have found peace, comfort, hope, security and answers to life's big questions by exploring God's Word. As a group member, you will personally study Scripture and answer questions each day. Once a week, you will meet for a small-group discussion of the lesson, hear from a teaching leader how the truths of Scripture can be applied to daily life and receive comprehensive notes on the Scripture passages you studied.


    Ladies with preschool children are not left out. A preschool program for children ages 0-6 is available.


    • BSF's Preschool Program gives children a biblical foundation upon which to build a love for God and spiritual matters. Loving, well-trained and committed leaders teach little ones about God and the Bible in age-appropriate ways. The leaders pray for the children and encourage them to continue learning with their registered adult throughout the week. (The preschoolers' curriculum is based on the lessons the adults’ study to help foster spiritual conversations at home.) The children also learn other important life skills, such as how to obey instructions, cooperate, sit and listen — all taught in an atmosphere of love.


    This year's study is People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided


    • Good and evil kings. Passionate prophets. Prophecies that shape our modern age.
    • The Old Testament is full of theologically rich books that both recount and shape history. They also set the stage for the long-awaited Messiah, containing more than 300 prophecies covering His birth, life, death, and resurrection.
    • People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided will unpack a fascinating period in Israel’s history across 15 books, from its split into two nations, through dozens of kings and prophets and ultimately to the heartbreaking exile into Babylon.