My wife Marlene and I have just returned Michigan.  We are grateful that the Lord gives us the ability to enjoy another part of this great land. It's especially nice to escape the cold of the winter without going to far south. This winter we were treated to one of the rare times (about every 10 years) that Myrtle Beach received a very light dusting of snow; at least there were no temperatures in the single digits or snow shoveling. We were still able to often walk on the beach. 

The morning before leaving the ocean looked much like Lake Michigan, from our deck.  The small waves rolled onto the beach and quickly receded back to return again over and over.  On some days they are so far apart that there is an actual pause in sound, for a second or two all noise ceases.  It gives the appearance that everything is well.

Other mornings the Atlantic will roar in with an attitude.  The large waves, only yards from our deck, sweep everything from their path.  The water, just off shore, turns a muddy brown as the waves churn up the bottom.  Anyone who would try to wade out into the water would be tumbled over.  Even with the patio sliders closed the sound of the pounding surf is easily heard.

The waves remind us of our lives.  The majority of our life is spent as gentle waves.  Yes, there are the days when we may have a tooth filled, maybe a day when we have to remind a child to pick it up at school and study harder, a time when finances are tight, or any one of numerous day to day “things” that get in our way, but if we are truthful these are small things in our life.

Sometimes we have the really rough days of our life. The big waves!  The time when a major sickness strikes our parents, children or ourselves.  Maybe there is an auto accident and hospital time and weeks of recovery.  The sudden loss of love ones and many other very serious things that can and does happen during our lifetime.

The good thing is that we have God to guide us through whatever He allows to happen in our lifetime.  It reminds me of the song “Through the Fire” performed by the Crabb Family.  While Jesus and His disciples walked this earth they endured many terrible times and because Jesus is also God; He knows of all our hardships and is always there to bring us “Through the Fire”.  He walks with us when we are dancing on the mountain and also when we are struggling in the valley.

Deuteronomy 31: 6 “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” NKJV.

This promise was given to Joshua as he prepared to cross the Jordan into the promise land, but I believe it is a theme that God gives to all Christians.  We have seen the words never leave or forsake us many times in the Bible.  God has promised to be with us no matter what.  All we need to do ( and sometimes it may be difficult ) is reach out and take a hold. 

May the Lord bless.  

In Christian Love,

Dale Heminger - Visitation Pastor