Rockford Baptist Church | Youth Director Job Description

If you would like more information, or if you are interested in the position, please contact Pastor Justin Rowland

Job Summary - The Youth Director part time position (10-20 hours a week) exists to develop, implement, coordinate, and administer ministries and programs designed to meet the spiritual, social, and emotional needs of school aged children and youth within Rockford

Baptist Church and the community and help establish and support their Christian worldview development.



  • He will maintain a growing personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and provide a godly example through his life.
  • He will be a good citizen without criminal history and with a safe driving record.
  • He will be accountable to the Senior Pastor. In the absence of the Senior Pastor, he will be accountable to the Elder Board.
  • He will have a direct working relationship with the Sunday School Superintendent, youth leaders, and CE Chairman.
  • He will establish open communication with parents and build meaningful relationships to help strengthen the family units.


Duties and Responsibilities:

He will be personally involved in teaching and discipling young people.

He will plan and execute social functions for both the Middle and High School monthly.

The main responsibilities will be to to lead youth class Sunday mornings and lead youth group on Sunday evenings.



  • An authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to help children and youth develop their Christian worldview and grow as fully devoted disciples.
  • Ability to relate well to a variety of people (students, teams, parents, staff, etc.)
  • Knowledge of appropriate classroom management procedures, child protection policies, and a willingness to work with any individual student's needs.
  • Displays personal openness, integrity and honesty.



• Pay: $15 - $20 an hour depending on experience.